About Our Staff

David Cote, DVM – Practice Owner

Schooling:     University of New Hampshire-Grad

                         Ohio State University – DVM

Number of Years at PAH:    30 years / Owner for 27 years

Pets:     2 Dogs – Coco and Delilah

            3 Cats – Moose and Oreo

Interests:     Any outdoor activity, basketball, football, hockey and hunting.


Ellyn Tighe, DVM

Schooling:     B.S. Wildlife Biology – College of Forestry at Syracuse University 1988

                     Cornell University – DVM 1994

Number of Years at PAH:     21 years

Pets:     Jack Russell Terrier – Nicholas

             Australian Shepard Mix – Sally

             Cats – Roxy, Lucy and Pitter Patter

Interests:     Running, hiking, biking, canoeing, cross-country skiing, playing sax in local bands, and spending time with her son, Mamush.

Alyssa Bertrand, DVM

Schooling:     University of New Hampshire – undergrad

                    North Caroline State University – DVM

Number of Years at PAH:     9 years

Pets:     Dogs –  Penny and Larry

            Cats – Daphne, Brisby and Bentley

Interests:     Cooking, reading, vacationing, snorkeling, beach combing, and dancing.

Dylan Spitzer, DVM

Schooling:     North Dakota State University – undergrad

                    Colorado State University – DVM

Number of Years at PAH:     4 years

Pets:       Cats – Godzilla and Widget

Interests:     Outdoor Activities, skiing snowboarding, hunting, fishing, sports, reading and traveling.

Holly – Technician

Schooling:  Tech School Laconia, NH

Number of Years at PAH:     23 years

Pets:   Labrador Retriever – Kibo

Interests:     Fitness, nutrition, diving, hiking the big peaks with hubby, Steve.

Jen – Technician

Schooling:    Associates Degree in Applied Animal Science/Small Animal Care at Thompson School, UNH

Number of Years at PAH:     14 years

Pets:     Cats – Winnie, Winston, Willow, Gus, and Recycle

            Labrador Retrievers – Hunter, Tonka and Moose

Interests:      Gardening, reading, crafts, snowshoeing/walking with the dogs.

Sam – Technician

Number of Years at PAH:     1 1/2 years

Pets:     Horse – Rio

                    Cats – Toby, Keith, Wilma & Betty

Interests:     Horse riding, hiking, kayaking, fishing, hunting, crafts, and painting.

Karen – Receptionist

Schooling:    Plymouth State College – Secretarial Science

Number of Years at PAH:     More than we can count!!!

Pets:    Cats – Reggie and Berlious

Interests:     Reading and camping with husband, Greg, and daughters, Brittany and Hannah.

Liz – Receptionist

Schooling:  BA in Business Management at Plymouth State University

Number of Years at PAH:     15 years

Pets:     Golden Retriever – Wilson

            Beagle Mix – Halle

            Cats – Herbie, Marilyn and Oscar

Interests:     Scrapbooking, shopping, outdoor activities, spending time with friends and family.

Cortney – Receptionist

Schooling:   Accounting Degree at New Hampshire Technical Institute

Number of Years at PAH:     8 years

Pets:     Labrador Retriever – Jack

            Cats – Tom and Carly

Interests:     Gardening/yard maintenance, reading, snowmobiling, any outdoor activity, spending time with friends and family.


Tannar – Technician

 Number of Years at PAH:       6 months

Pets:          Dog – Diesel

                   Cats – Big Cat and Junk

                   Horses – Evan, Monte, Roger, Molly and Mini

Interests:     Fishing, horse-back riding, hunting, hiking and being outdoors.